Election results for Finchingfield (Finchingfield Ward)

The last Town and Parish elections took place in 2019.
Finchingfield (Finchingfield Ward)

David Richard Bide: 136 votes

Claire Collins: 169 votes Elected 

David William Coverdale: 175 votes Elected

Emma Marie Hammond: 171 votes Elected

Nigel Humphries, Independent: 142 votes

James Jervis: 113 votes

Daniel Matthews: 89 votes

Victoria Joanna Oakley, Independent: 166 votes Elected

Alison Mary Stanger, Independent: 144 votes Elected

Zuleika Thomas: 143 votes

Jane Bridget Welsh: 311 votes Elected 

Elected candidates

Claire Collins

David William Coverdale

Emma Marie Hammond

Victoria Joanna Oakley, Independent

Alison Mary Stanger, Independent

Jane Bridget Welsh

Poll details
Vacant seats: 6
Electorate: 946
Ballot papers issued: 412
Turnout: 43.55%