Election results for The Sailings

The last Town and Parish elections took place in 2019.
The Sailings

Susan Joan Mary Baugh: 71 votes Elected

Colin Brian Bennett: 100 votes Elected

Natasha Coe: 84 votes Elected

Diane Greenwood, Independent: 95 votes Elected

Karen Mary Jiggins: 104 votes Elected

Peter Nicholas Martin: 79 votes Elected

Derrick Charles Monk: 25 votes

Stephen Smart: 69 votes

Elected candidates

Susan Joan Mary Baugh

Colin Brian Bennett

Natasha Coe

Diane Greenwood, Independent

Karen Mary Jiggins

Peter Nicholas Martin

Poll details
Vacant seats: 6
Electorate: 410
Ballot papers issued: 173
Turnout: 42.2%