Election results for Shalford

The last Town and Parish elections took place in 2019.

Gillian Patricia Askew: 125 votes Elected

Samantha Batt: 140 votes Elected

David John Eversden: 201 votes Elected

Amanda Jane French: 120 votes Elected

Colin William Golding: 178 votes Elected

Adrian John Gurnett: 215 votes Elected

Richard Royston Norman: 104 votes

Alan Keay Oates: 119 votes Elected

Elected candidates

Gillian Patricia Askew

Samantha Batt

David John Eversden

Amanda Jane French

Colin William Golding

Adrian John Gurnett

Alan Keay Oates

Poll details
Vacant seats: 7
Electorate: 633
Ballot papers issued: 285
Turnout: 45.02%