Waste Crew Survey Results 2019

In July 2019, all residents in the District were invited to take part in a customer satisfaction survey to score and comment on the overall performance and service standards provided by the Council’s Waste and Recycling Operatives. A total of 2,000 questionnaires were sent out and 312 people responded, representing a response rate of 16%. The results of the survey are detailed below.page1image45586048

Q1. In your most recent customer service experience, how did you contact us?

  • In Person: 17 (7%)
  • By Phone: 179 (73%)
  • Internet: 29 (12%)
  • By Letter/ email: 21 (9%)
Q2. Did our representative...  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Strongly agree or agree Disagree or strongly disagree
(a) Reply promptly? 84 97 9 2 94% 6%
(b) Appear knowledgeable and competent? 82 101 6 1 96% 4%
(c) Handle issues with courtesy and proffesionalism? 91 96 3 1 98% 2%
(d) Resolve the issue quickly? 85 103 15 4 91% 9%

Q3. Do you find the collection crews polite & friendly?

177 92 6 1 97% 3%

Q4. Is the service regular/reliable?

214 85 2 2 99% 1%

Q5.  Are the bins returned correctly after emptying (i.e. to the same place they were collected from)?

188 96 17 8 92% 8%

Q6.  Do the crews clear spillages (they create) before leaving site?

126 107 22 3 90% 10%

Q7.  If the crews are unable to take your waste, do they leave a sticker on the bin/sack explaining why?

88 88 12 2 93% 9%

Q8.  Overall, how would you rate the customer service experience?

Score Responses Percentage 
Excellent 162 58.5%
Very good 77 27.8%
Good 24 8.7%
Average 13 4.7%
Poor 1 0.4%

Comments and suggestions

  • Always take rubbish never had a problem
  • Efficient and pleasant
  • Excellent service all the time
  • 40 years of brilliant service all over Braintree District. Thank you!
  • I leave bins to one side of drive. They are then replaced in the middle so when I return home I have to move the bins, get back in the car and drive in. Is this their idea of humour? Please could they put the bins back where they found them? It’s not difficult is it?
  • They could not be more helpful
  • Sometimes food bins not emptied for no reason
  • Excellent service
  • I had to contact twice concerning the same request recycling bags
  • We need your assurance that recycled waste is disposed of responsibly and that you check regularly.
  • Some crews return bins but not all of them
  • Wednesday route 8 this is the best crew for a number of years.

Overall, our staff should be very proud of these results! 95% of our customers considered the service they deliver is ‘Excellent’, ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’. This is a fantastic team achievement and everyone should be commended for their hard work and efforts to delivering high levels of customer service.

I held a Team Meeting with all staff on Friday, 6th September to share the good news. I also covered areas where we can continue to improve the service based on customer feedback including the placement of bins after emptying, ensuring food waste bins are not missed, and the prompt delivery of recycling sacks when requested.

Jane Dolphin, Waste Operations Manager