Annual plan 2020/2021

Measuring success

Measuring success


Connecting people and places

  • Number of affordable homes delivered
  • Percentage of superfast broadband coverage across the district
  • Number of homes granted planning permission


Enhancing our environment

  • Percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting
  • Kilograms of residual household waste collected per household
  • The percentage of land that falls below cleanliness standards for litter
  • The percentage of accessible non-hazardous fly-tips on public land cleared within 24 hours of being reported
  • Number of residents assisted in installing energy-saving measures


Supporting our communities

  • Average waiting time for applicants on the Disabled Facilities Grant (calculated in days from point of referral to approval)
  • Participation levels across all our sports centres
  • Percentage of adults being active for 150 minutes per week
  • Number of customers using our Handyman scheme
  • Number of homelessness cases prevented
  • Number of Neighbourhood plans underway or completed
  • Number of vulnerable people assisted through Essex Welfare Services and the Community Hub


Promoting Prosperity

  • Percentage of people in the district claiming out of work benefits rate (aged 16 -64)
  • Number of new business startups across the district
  • Number of businesses that have contacted us for business support
  • Number of business grants processed
  • Amount of business grants paid out


Delivering and Innovating

  • Average call answer time in the Customer Service Centre
  • Percentage of invoices paid within 30 days of receipt
  • Number of people transacting with us online
  • Time taken to process housing benefit/council tax benefit new claims
  • Time taken to process housing benefit claim changes
  • Percentage of stage 1 complaints responded to within 7 working days
  • Collection rate for Council Tax Collection rate for Business Rates Customer Satisfaction with the Council