Annual plan 2020/2021

Delivering and innovating

Delivering and innovating



We will 

  • Address the challenges of reduced income from Government funding and as a result of Covid-19, by working collectively across the organisation to reduce costs and improve services without impacting on service delivery by being efficient, effective and commercially focussed.
  • Address the challenges and recognise the opportunities of the changing work environment as a result of Covid-19 for the whole organisation including steering staff and members through the recovery journey
  • Upgrade our website to comply with the web accessibility regulations enabling residents, visitors and businesses to transact with us easily
  • Review our Asset Management Strategy to ensure Council assets are fit for purpose, managed effectively and provide a valuable income stream for the Council
  • Use customer information and feedback to improve services ensuring they remain customer-friendly whilst working towards retaining the customer service excellence standard for the authority
  • Continue to develop relationships with Town and Parish Councils


Working with others we will

  • Consider and determine the future approach of our leisure services
  • Look to develop health priorities in various localities within the district in partnership with the newly formed NHS Primary Care Networks
  • Continue to improve health and wellbeing across the district through our work with Health and Wellbeing partners
  • Continue to protect local communities and tackle priority problems with the Community Safety Partnership


Our priorities

  • Listen to our residents and businesses more and use this information to improve our services
  • Involve communities in the design, development and delivery of services
  • Build strong, effective partnerships across the public, private, voluntary and community sector taking a place-based approach to achieve more for the district
  • Modernise the way we work to ensure we continue to deliver high-quality services
  • Consider new ways to generate income achieving financial self-sufficiency