Annual plan 2020/2021

Enhancing our environment

Enhancing our environment



We will

  • Carry out improvements to our recreational open spaces including the provision of all-inclusive play facilities for young people to enjoy
  • Investigate the provision of an eco-friendly woodland alternative to traditional burials at Braintree Cemetery in London Road
  • Create gardens of remembrance at some of our cemeteries providing peaceful environments for families to visit
  • Protect further areas of public open space against unauthorised encampments
  • Respond to requirements from the Environment Bill in relation to waste and resources efficiency whilst supporting our climate change objectives
  • Research and trial alternative fuel vehicles for some of our front line services
  • Raise awareness of duty of care and fines in relation to litter and waste offences through targeted campaigns


Working with others we will

  • Trial anti-littering signage along some of our strategic routes across the district to discourage roadside littering.
  • Review and update the Climate Change Local Strategy for the next four years focusing on the areas below to support the delivery of our 2030 targets through the Climate Change Working Group.Continue to support NHS England to improve health facilities across the district
    • Resources
    • Energy Use
    • Planning and Development
    • Transport
    • Council Assets and Operations
    • Natural Environment
    • Adapting to climate change


Our priorities

  • Develop and drive our Climate Change Strategy forward:
    • Working towards our target of making the Council’s services carbon neutral as far as practical by 2030
    • Supporting the district to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and pollution
    • Supporting Council services, residents and businesses to adapt to climate change impacts
  • Ensure our district is well maintained with high-quality parks and green spaces
  • Continue to keep the district clean and tidy