Planning a street party

Promoting your street party

So you’ve solidified a date, applied for a road closure (if applicable) and your committee is deep in the planning stages – so how do you begin to promote your event?

As a street party is within your neighbourhood, you could share information on your community Facebook page or neighbourhood WhatsApp group, post flyers or invites to those in your neighbourhood or utilise local community notice boards to promote your event (with permission).

Remember, flyposting is illegal, so you will need permission of the property owner to hang posters on lampposts, trees and fences. Why not encourage people to put posters in their windows to promote the event or create lawn signs. It’s a great opportunity to encourage the children to get creative!

If there is somebody in your neighbourhood with particular artistic flair or creativity, they could design a poster or flyer that could be copied or printed to distribute amongst residents.

Canva is a website that allows you to use templates and design posters and invites for free that you can download and print.

Remember to include the following information in your invite;

  • Date
  • Time and/or schedule of the day
  • If they are expected to bring food or furniture.
  • Dress code
  • RSVP – so you know the expected numbers
  • Reminder of road closure times