Debt Management and Cost of Living

Warm Rooms

In response to the rising cost of fuel and it becoming increasingly expensive for people to afford to heat their homes.  Braintree District Council has compiled a list of Warm Spaces that are being offered across the District.
The aim is that no one is lacking a regular place to be warm and maybe grab a hot drink.
Please use the map or view the list of warm spaces across the district where you can go and meet local people, enjoy a warm environment and drink and feel welcomed.  Do you have a Warm Space that is not listed on our website?   
Big space or small, library or community hall, church annexe or village pub, or indeed any similar building that is able to provide a warm and cosy space for people to visit and keep warm, without worrying about the bill, we’re asking for your help. Get in touch with us and let us know:
  • Your venue name
  • Address and Postcode
  • Day and time you are offering a Warm Space
  • Are refreshments provided free of charge?
  • Your website/Social Media Page