Industrial unit front improvement scheme

How we evaluate applications

We will award grants to those who score the highest.

If we receive less than 20 applications by the deadline, a second cohort will open to invite new applications.

If more than one business gets the same score in the cohort the Economic Development Officer and the Head of Planning and Economic Development will decide who gets the grant.

The scheme will close to applicants after we have allocated all the funding.

How we score




Applicant Score

Applicant from named priority industrial area




Proposed works to have a positive impact on the local area




Proposal significantly improving the look of the unit








Total Score



Evaluation Scoring Breakdown

5, Excellent

The response is excellent, meeting BDC'S requirements in all respects and also providing additional benefits to BDC. 

4, Good

The response is good, meeting BDC's requirements in all respects and providing some additional value.

3, Acceptable

The response is acceptable, meeting BDC's requirements in all key areas.

2, Poor

The response is poor and/or deficient, not meeting the required standards in a number of key areas.

1, Very poor

The response is very poor, not meeting the required standards to a high degree.

A score of 0 will be given if no answers are provided or the response is not relevant to the question asked.