Industrial unit front improvement scheme

About the scheme

Our Industrial Unit Front Improvement Scheme offers capital grants to improve unit fronts in industrial areas within the district.

Businesses and owners of industrial units can apply for a capital grant of up to £15,000 (at least 50% match funded). You can use the grant for external renovation or improvement of your premises.

The scheme aims to improve industrial unit fronts including privately owned green space. This will support the growth of local businesses by:

  • Improving the local environment
  • Raising the image of the area amongst local residents and visitors.

Scheme details

The Industrial Estates Improvement Fund will fund the scheme directly up to a value of £50,000.

You can get a grant up to £15,000, although we will accept joint applications (50% match funded).

Businesses can submit an application form and will award grants to eligible businesses on a first come first serve basis, until all funds have been allocated.

We aim to support 5 businesses.

We will notify businesses within 2 weeks if they have been successful.