Our facilities

Our facilities

  • Equipment

    Our rooms are fully air conditioned and come with free Wi-Fi.

    We also have a large breakout area available for visitors and guests to relax and network in.

    You can request equipment when making a booking.

    • Projector
    • TV
    • Flipchart
    • Laptop
  • Room layouts

    We offer a range of standard layouts but can work with you to set the room up to meet your specific needs.

    The capacity of each room depends on the layout style you choose for your meeting


  • Refreshments and food

    Free chilled water is available in all of our rooms.

    We can provide unlimited tea, coffee, and biscuits for £3.25 per head.

    We also offer a variety of buffet lunches including sandwiches, salads and vegetarian options.


    Sandwich platter

    This platter includes:

    • sandwiches 
    • crisps

    Price per head: £4.95

    Platter A

    This platter includes:

    • sandwiches
    • crisps
    • sausage rolls

    Price per head: £5.75

    Platter B

    This platter includes:

    • sandwiches
    • mini filos
    • sausage rolls
    • vegetable crudites with dips

    Price per head: £6.75

    Platter C

    This platter includes:

    • sandwiches 
    • mini filos
    • sausage rolls
    • satay skewers

    Price per head: £7.25


    We offer a variety of salads

    • salad - Plain (vegan) - £3.90 per head
    • salad - Plain with avocado (vegan) - £4.50 per head
    • salad - Cheese or egg - £3.95 per head
    • salad - Fish (tuna or prawn or smoked salmon) - £4.50 per head
    • salad - Meats (varieties of chicken or ham etc.) - £4.60 per head


    We offer a variety of crisps - £0.90 per head

    Bacon Rolls

    We offer bacon rolls - £3.45 per head

  • Parking

    We have a free onsite car park for up to 40 visitors and guests.

    A diagram showing that the parking is round the back of the enterprise centre