Victoria Square development

About the development

The Victoria Square development is a catalyst that will rejuvenate Braintree town centre. It will deliver health, homes, journeys and jobs in line with our key priorities. This major investment will benefit residents and businesses by bringing jobs and visitors to the town centre.  The character of our towns are changing and by supporting this scheme we are doing our part in keeping it alive. 

Livewell health hub

The first Livewell health hub will provide 20,000 residents with access to better health services. These services could include:

  • general practice
  • outpatient service
  • therapies


35 new apartments which could be offered up as affordable homes. This would help residents who cannot afford to buy or rent a home on the open market.


Hotel and bus interchange

A 70 bed Travelodge will bring visitors and generate new jobs. The bigger bus interchange will be able to provide services to a growing population.


Public space

A new high-quality public open space will link the new buildings to Braintree’s historic high street. It will provide a central focus for events and activities.


Livewell hub with capacity to serve circa





new homes



room hotel


creation of


new jobs



parking spaces


New high quality

public realm



Keep up to date

You can email us if you have any questions about the Victoria Square development.

You can also get regular updates on news and progress on the Victoria Square development and the pedestrianisation scheme by: