Ramsey Road Recreation Ground Consultation

Further answers to the consultation

Age and gender profile of respondants

11-24, Male - 7

25-25, Female - 22, Male - 6

46-65, Female - 13, Male - 1

65+, Female - 2, Male - 3

Do you consider yourself to have a disability

Yes - 4

No - 49

Blank - 8

Are you responding for a whole household

Yes - 39

No - 14

Blank - 7

Rather not say - 1

If yes, how many people

2 respondents selected blank

7 respondents said 2 people 

8 respondents said 3 people

13 respondents said 4 people

4 respondents said 5 people

2 respondents said 6 people

2 respondents said 7 people

1 respondent said 7+ people

How often do you visit ramsey road

Blank - 8

Daily - 5

A few times a week - 28

Monthly - 5

A few times a year - 10

Never - 5

Does the propoerty you live in back onto the recreation ground

Yes - 8

No - 43

Blank - 10

What do you like about the park

Play area - 25

Skate park - 20

Open green space - 59

Other - 4

No response - 7

Other responses:

  • Nothing
  • Nothings it’s just a space for teens to drink and do drugs
  • All of the above, particularly like it being flat enough to rollerblade on!

What do you currently use the park for

Cycling - 10

Walking - 28

Skating - 14

BMX - 11

Play area - 26

Meeting friends - 20

Exercise - 13

Other - 9

Other responses:

  • I take my kids there
  • Scooters
  • Taking my do to throw a ball
  • Dog walking and training
  • Dog walking
  • Rollerblading
  • Dog walking
  • Dog walking

What would make you use the park more

Improved footpaths - 16

More play equipment - 33

Replace the skate park - 24

Improved access roads - 8

More places to sit - 36

More planting - 15

Other - 15

  • Safer space, too many drug users there currently
  • Little and dog mess is a huge problem in this park
  • Get rid of the youths that congregate there, and ruin everything, leaving mess and broken glass everywhere, always smells of drugs
  • To get rid of all the teenagers swearing and smoking weed
  • It needs to not have dogs let off, to go to the toilet everywhere and just generally tidied up
  • Pump tracks are very popular and are going up all over the country. They are great for making cycling fun with jumps etc. and scooters and skate boards can go on there too. Haverhill have a great one. Saffron Waldon Skate Park. Bury skate park are also great but involve me driving everywhere. My boy wants to go out and play on his bike but is instead on his Xbox. He is 13 and teenagers needs something that they can get stuck into and enjoy that challenges them. Pump tracks and Skate Park cater for all ages as long as you put equipment in that covers off there criteria. My sister lives in Newbury and we go to the skate park and it a hub of activity from kids with their parents to older teenagers challenging themselves in skate bowls, jumps, and rails ramps. If you want to get the kids out the house and out of trouble most of the time invest in a decent skate park and pump track.
  • More pathways
  • Get rid of the massive trees
  • Wider/open access, so park can be seen from road
  • Maybe a sand pit, like Bell Vue but on a smaller scale, and maybe a park warden to stop vandalism or lock it at night like the town park
  • A football goal with a net on or a football court would be good as the other one in town is always full
  • Possibly an outdoor gym like the Courtald sports ground in Halstead
  • The park would need a park keeper as there is always issues with the older children that hang out there and always rubbish everywhere
  • An enclosed dog exercise area
  • adult gym equipment
  • Seating area for the young people preferably with some kind of roof
  • Enclosed dog walking area
  • A small shelter (for when it rains) would be very handy / Install a couple of flood/street lights
  • Accessible play equipment for wheelchairs/maybe a sensory area

What stops you from using the park

Security - 14

Lack of seating - 13

Lack of play features - 21

State of the skate park - 19

Difficult to access - 6

Nothing there I want to visit - 13

Other - 12

  • Last time we went- a Saturday morning a man strolled in to smoke a joint- I don't wat my children around this.
  • Young drug dealer on a moped selling spliff’s.
  • Abuse from children
  • If the youths are hanging around it's very intimidating, if they're not there it's always a mess
  • People dealing / buying / intoxication to the extent which leaves class A  and Class B drugs and needles
  • The massive trees
  • I have visited once with my children when they were toddlers and i felt unsafe, hidden away and there was broken glass every where
  • Avoid the park when it’s been raining or in poor weather due to lack of footpaths it can get very muddy.
  • Gangs of older children handing around, drug dealing
  • Rubbish, lack of respect from older groups of children hanging around
  • There is no footpath and much of the grass gets boggy in the winter months
  • nothing stops me from using the park I would just like it improved


What three things would you like to see in the park

Bigger play equipment for a range of ages
Better skate park
Picnic area to encourage more families

climbing frame
more swings

More play equipment to suit pre-school children like John Ray park in Braintree.
Picnic tables and more seating around the edge of the park

Decent climbing frames/slides for over 4 year olds.

complete new skate park with fences to stop dogs

New skate park made out of smooth concrete a path to the skate park and a barrier to stop motorbikes in the park

A new more modern and efficient skate park.

Outdoor fitness equipment
Games area
More play equipment for older children

More play features for the younger kids
More bins
More seats

Play equipment, better security, lighting

More landscaping
The entrance from Ramsey road made pedestrians only

Another dog bin. Boundaries looked after and dog proof. My dog escapes. Perhaps better fencing.

An outdoor gym

High zip wire / new equipment , new bins , goals and more seating and turf

A new more modernised skate park
Football goals, as the park is often used for football and there are currently no goals.

More play equipment for under 5 and skate board equipment needs totally replacing dogs keeper on leads

Just to have more for children to play do, seats, swings & slides for older children.

More play equipment

Decent stake park like bury or Saffron Waldon
Pump track- view Clark and Kent pump tracks.
Cater for teenagers. There’s already 3 other parks in Halstead to take small kids/dogs etc. Make this into something for the teenagers.

Climbing equipment
Still lots of green open space

More seating,
Some under cover.
More pathways.

New play equipment like a nest swing.
Improved skate ramps for the little ones to go on.
Basketball football area.

Less trees

Cleaner park
Older outdoor equipment
Sand/water features

More footpaths
Updated skate park / more play equipment
Enclosed dog run

Clean picnic area, make it more child friendly and maybe some exercise facilities.

Two football goals with a net, or a football court.
A big climbing frame

A bowl for skating

1. Outdoor gym
2. Flowers/decoration
3. Splash park for children

BMX ramps and make it suitable for scooters and bikes

Park Keeper, no rubbish, gates for locking at night

Big swing, talking funnels, seesaw

Outdoor Fitness Equipment
More Seats

Dog area
Better Bins
The large holes filled in (in-between the skate park and the children's play area)

More seats. Larger play area for small children.

A hard surface around the perimeter to use for running with distances
Improved play equipment
A basketball/netball court

More seating areas, upgraded skate equipment and playground equipment, more bins

A perimeter footpath similar to that on the river walk.  A rubbish bin next to the bench at the Ramsey Road entrance. Some levelling of the uneven areas.

Play area suitable for all ages, huge climbing equipment and monkey bars (no monkey bars in Halstead!). Toilet facilities.

Climbing equipment, bigger slide, more swings

new safe skate park,
activity for the 5-10 year olds  (same as Sudbury)
adult gym/outdoor football court (same as at Richard de Clare)

Enclosed dog walking area
Better paths through the park
Enclosed area for ball sports

Climbing frame
Zip wire

Improved skate park. Although there isn't a problem with litter at the moment, if more people used the park it might need more bins too.

lighting/tables & chairs/Shelter

More seats, Footpath around the path

More stuff to do

More skate ramps, MUGA pitch, more seating

Better skate park, football goals and nets and more places to sit

Bowl/ new ramps/ a shelter

Sensory garden/ accessible equipment/wheelchair equipment/more bins

Disabled swings etc. Sensory area/ picnic area


What three things would you like to see removed from the park?

My neighbour and her dog

Old out of date skate park
Better layout of areas



Drug dealer on moped.
Foul mouthed children.
Old people with aggressive small dogs.

The skate park and the basketball area

Basketball court skate park

The rough ground in the skate park and the halfpipe with welded metal patches on it or the whole skate park being replaced.

Groups of teenager’s openly smoking cannabis and playing loud music at the bottom of my garden 10 yards from my house.  I live at XXX Park Drive. They gather in the far right corner of the park as you face it from Ramsey Road. Please under no circumstances do anything to encourage them further from gathering in this area I.e no seats there, no skate park there etc. They ruin my summer evenings and weekends. Thank you.

Skate park
Dog mess

Rubbish, broken glass

Teenagers drugs and alcohol

Antisocial youths, drugs, broken glass and rubbish etc

Motor bikes

People who don't pick up after their dogs.

Druggies , new equipment

Would like to see less dogs mess, rubbish from teenagers

All dogs should be kept on leads

Remove the old skate park equipment



The trees

The litter

Very Old and dangerous Skate Park

The old playground and replaced with a new one

The skate ramps as they are quite dangerous as there all made from concrete

Broken glass

Graffiti’d skate park

Litter and graffiti

Old basketball hoop, replaced with a new one and bigger ground around it, flowers, s seating area

The step saw

Outdated skate equipment, MUGA surfacing at the back.

Drug dealers.

everything removed and replaced by up-to-date safe equipment

Skate ramps

Old equipment


Old skate ramps

The litter

The old ramps/ half pipe

Anything unusable

We would love to hear your ideas for the park please write any additional thoughts you have

More family friendly picnic areas
Better layout of areas
More equipment for ages 8+
More swings and slides

Police Officers or Park Keepers.

I think there should be a day at the park where people can come and fill in ideas on what they would like for the skate park and that users should advise the design process

Make sure the skate park has a smooth surface and smooth ramps. Add a ledge to the skate park, make the skate park bigger than the skate park at the moment.

I am a local resistant who provides outdoor fitness equipment, play equipment, sport courts & surfacing to local authorities throughout the UK. I would love to help the council with this project and give my ideas on how this park can be improved and get the best value for money. It would really give me a chance to give something back to my local community. I would be more than happy to meet with the council to discuss this further.

The entrance at Ramsey road needs a barrier that can be opened for emergency services and council workers , at the moment the pollards at the top do not deter idiots on motor bikes from zooming up there and almost knocking over young children etc. also at the entrance put s white kind to prevent the entrance being blocked by cars

Wildlife and tree areas. More plants.

As above play equipment skate ramps basketball hoop replaced

It just needs to be a nice place for kids to be able to play in, & enjoy.

Skate bowls and pump tracks are Superb. I’ve been around enough now all round the country. They’re addictive for the kids. Always practicing new tricks and lines and the older kids helping and teaching the younger ones.
People are fearful of teenagers and what that can bring... drug, unsociable behaviour. We have to understand these are there whether there’s a skate park or not, but a good bit of investment in something like this may help divert some of the kids onto a more positive path.

Be lovely to have a little sand/water area
Better play facilities.
Monkey bars.
Better slide
Safer roundabout

The huge trees hang into my garden block out the light, kids climb them and fall into my garden, all the foliage drops into the garden and kills the grass, in the high winds a branch fell onto my shed causing damage! These trees need to be sorted they are well out of hand and in my opinion and the tree surgeons who came to remove the fallen branch they are dangerous.

My 10 year old son would love a more up to date and safer skate park. Also a zip wire and play equipment for older children.
Do not add shelters - these are a bad idea due to drug dealers using them and anti-social behaviour.

Like I said, extra security and to know it will be save for my children to go there, make it more family friendly.

I think it needs to have more play equipment but with high fences and gates to stop vandalism, would be nice if there was a seating area with a garden full of plants but i think park should be locked after 9 pm

I do not use the Park very often, but if there was outdoor exercise equipment I may visit it daily.

The skate park monopolises the park and it needs to be made available for everyone. A hard surface around the perimeter would encourage older members of the community to use it. Seating would also encourage families/older members to use the park for outings rather than s cut through from one area of Halstead to another. It’s a lovely open space and with careful planning could be one of the best parks in Halstead. Kings Road park has done excellent play equipment but it needs to appeal to yr 6-yr9 students so maybe basketball/netball would improve the use of the park.

It is really important to continue to allow dog walking in the park as it is primarily used for that. There is often a lot of dangerous rubbish left strewn around the park.

Several people use the park as a shortcut to the local co-op, to school or to the town.  This entails walking on the grass, which is boggy and wet during the winter months.  A perimeter path similar to the one at the river walk, which links the three pedestrian access points, would considerable improve this.  There is at least one lady who goes onto the park with a mobility scooter and her use of the park is restricted.  The only footpath links the Ramsey Road and Holmes Road entrances but involves going through the gated children’s play area.

There is a severe lack of any play equipment for older children in the town. No monkey bars at any of the parks. Kids like to climb and swing

We need play equipment for older children - the play park was great when my children were 7 or under - I think an outdoor gym would be great. Also wouldn’t A BMX track be possible - I think I have seen one in Rayne. I would also like to see play equipment that is accessible for children with disabilities - a basket swing, round about a sheen chair can go on... Gosfield Park has these...

The young people use this park so it would be nice to liaise with then to see what they would like but personally I would like seating, a proper outdoor football/netball court.  the young children an up-to-date play safe area and then an activity trail for the junior aged children and a new skate park for the teenagers

I really like this park and it is always kept neat and tidy. The skate park isn't really suitable for purpose though so it would be good to have decent equipment.

Would like the trees cut back away from my garden, and a fence to stop children from climbing the trees into my garden, better security, we have had fires and damage to my shed, had the fire brigade attend 4 times and damage to the shed and fence. No. XXX Ramsey Road

No thoughts

A volcano and a spine ramp/a bowl

better skate park equipment, ramps in skate park for the disabled (wheel chairs)

Hurry up!

We need more places for disabled/special needs children to access. Sensory areas and accessible equipment highly needed

A tidy bright and safe park would benefit everyone