Clear sacks

Using clear sacks

We provide clear sacks for your recycling waste. You should not use them for general refuse or garden waste.

We will not collect clear sacks that have general refuse or garden waste in them.

Contamination in recyclable waste can lead to the reprocessing plant rejecting a whole lorry load, which is a waste of everybody's time and effort.

If our crews spot any obvious contamination, they will sticker and leave the relevant sack at your property. You will need to re-sort the waste and put the sacks out again on your next collection day.

What can go in your clear sacks

You can put most recyclable waste in your clear sacks bin such as:

  • aerosols as long as they are empty
  • cans and tins
  • cardboard boxes
  • foil as long as it's clean
  • greetings cards and wrapping paper (no glitter or foil)
  • newspapers, magazines and catalogues
  • paper as long as it's clean and dry
  • plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
  • plastic tops which you should screw back on the bottles

What can't go in your clear sacks

We can't collect your clear sacks if you put in:

  • bubble wrap
  • card or paper that is dirty, wet or greasy
  • cardboard food and drink cartons. You can look at our food and drink carton page to see how to dispose of these
  • clothes, shoes and textiles. You can look at our textiles recycling page to see how to dispose of these
  • crisp packets
  • food waste
  • garden waste
  • glass jars and bottles. You should take these to your local bottle bank)
  • hard plastic items (toys, cd cases, coat hangers and so on)
  • metals (gas containers, paint tins and utensils)
  • nappies. You can look at our cloth nappies page for more information
  • plant pots
  • plastic film, wrapping or food bags and cling film 
  • polystyrene
  • refuse
  • small items or pieces (under 40 millimetres)
  • wallpaper

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