Annual Plan for 2023/24




This year’s Annual Plan outlines the key projects and targets to deliver our shared priorities in our Corporate Strategy 2020-2024 and turn our ambitions into a reality.

The past year we’ve been able to proactively respond to challenges our communities have faced, working together with our partners, to provide support to residents through the cost-of-living crisis and doing all we can to ensure our Ukrainian guests and sponsors have all the support they need – and we’ll continue to do this for as long as needed.

The cost of living is still at the forefront of all our minds, which is why we’re investing £1million this year to strengthen the safety net for those who need it most.

We’ll continue our drive towards becoming a carbon neutral district – helping our communities and businesses adapt to climate change, working with our partners to improve the energy efficiency of homes and buildings and protecting and improving our natural environment. Prioritising sustainable travel and transport will be harnessed by introducing more walking and cycling networks across the district.

There is a continued demand to support positive and sustainable economic growth which we’ll deliver through working with our partners to deliver business support programmes and training and the ambitions in our new Economic Growth Strategy.

There are some exciting projects set for completion in our district this year too - a new medical centre in Sible Hedingham and a new multi-purpose community centre and enterprise centre in Witham which will support our district’s economic growth and improve its infrastructure.

We know we must look into opportunities to deliver more for our residents and businesses as we face future budget pressures and increasing demand for services. We’ll continue to work closely with North Essex authorities to explore ways we can create greater resilience to benefit our district and help us reach its full potential, whilst building on opportunities to level up our rural communities.

The future for the Braintree district looks very exciting as we reach the final year of our Corporate Strategy, continuing our journey in achieving our vision for our people and communities to make the Braintree district the best that it can be.


Councillor Graham Butland Leader of Braintree District Council

Dan Gascoyne Chief Executive

Councillor Graham Butland

Signature of Councillor Graham Butland

Cllr Graham Butland, Leader, Braintree District Council


Dan Gascoyne, Chief Executive

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Dan Gascoyne, Chief Executive

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