Working safely during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Guidance for taxis and passengers

Our taxi drivers are taking steps to keep you safe during this time and are ready whenever you need them.

We have outlined some actions you can take to help protect yourself and others from coronavirus (COVID-19).

Taxi drivers 

1) Be alert and assess the risks

  • Think about your vehicle and your customers and how you can reduce the risks 
  • Consider installing a screen as these may be beneficial (check with your insurance provider and the licensing team before installation) 

2) Maintain hygiene 

  • Regularly apply hand sanitiser or wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and water.
  • Keep your vehicle clean and your driving area regularly including your steering wheel
  • Clean surfaces you or others touch on a regular after every fare
  • Consider wearing face coverings as a precautionary measure where possible. It may protect others.

3) Waiting for fares 

  • Remain in your car wherever possible. 
  • (Out of your vehicle) keep your distance from people outside your household.

4) Get Tested

5) Stay healthy

  • Your health matters
  • Follow these five steps to mental wellbeing


1) Follow the driver’s advice

  • You may be asked you to sit in the back left-hand seat if travelling alone
  • Face away from the other passengers where possible

2) Keep your distance 

  • When waiting for a taxi, keep your distance from people outside of your household

3) Maintain Hygiene 

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or apply hand sanitiser 
  • As a precautionary measure wear a face-covering where able. It may protect others
  • If your driver asks you to wear a face-covering please do so

4) Avoid physical contact

  • Be aware of the surfaces you touch
  • Keep at least two metres (six feet) apart from others while waiting for a taxi

5) Make contactless payments

  • Pay in advance or use a contactless card where you can
  • If you can only use cash ‘do not place it in the driver’s hand’ - wash or wipe your hands before and after you’ve handled it

Health and Safety

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