Memorial Garden

A new Memorial Garden at Bocking cemetery

We are looking to create a new Memorial Garden at Bocking Cemetery to provide a peaceful environment for families to visit. This will be a quiet and pleasant area for relatives, family and friends of all ages to come to remember their loved ones.

The concept design is looking to include:

  • a children’s area where they can grieve
  • a willow dome where you can tie a ribbon in memory of a loved one
  • a child friendly memorial feature
  • the planting of memorial shrubs to form the placement of memorial plaques and kerbstones and a central feature.

There will also be an area for bereaved parents that is more secluded and private with stepping stones leading to benches. This area will have a plaque at the entrance with some comforting words about being a parent.

Concept design

Proposed new memorial garden in Bocking cemetery, featuring children’s area, log seats, willow dome, memorial feature, pergola archway, grass bank, memorial wall, stepping stone to seats, bereaved parents area, existing hedge, encouraging plaque, existing store, grass area, formal garden of remembrance, proposed paths, central feature and existing turning circle.


You can share your thoughts on the initial design concept by contacting us by email

The new Memorial Garden will be open to the public by March 2022. 

This was published 14 September 2021.